Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

OUT TODAY: ART11.1 Claude Young/Takasi Nakajima "RAPTURE" EP1

Out today - October 3rd, 2011. The long-awaited debut release for ART by Different World duo - Detroit legend Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima.

ART11.1 features the original + remix from Tokyo based EDM pioneer Ian O'Brien.

ART11.2 will be forthcoming October 24th ft. remixes by Kirk Degiorgio & TJ Kong.


“wow...stunning… great mixes here” Vince Watson (Bio, Tresor)

“5/5 one of the Best Techno release's in 2011!!!!!!” DJ S2 (UR)

“Nice atmospheres! Ian O brien is the one here for me!” Nuno Dos Santos (Trouw)

“Another great & Diverse release from A.R.T. And glad that Claude is still on form!” Josh Wink (Ovum)

“5/5 One of the best labels.....great to hear Ian O' Brien in top form” King Britt (SNS)

“5/5 SERIOUS SHIT. THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! fantastic grooves, working the spirtit as well as well as the body” Shawn Rudiman

“5/5 Slammin' release! Diggin’ all the mixes!” Esteban Adame (Ican Prod.)

“5/5 Amazing as usual, those shuffly synth are killing me!! Excellent work!” Max MRec(MRec, Italy)

“5/5 I NEED MORE RECORDS LIKE THIS ---Proper funky techno !!!! Yesssssssss , ohhhh yessssssss” Laurent Garnier

“All over the ian o'brien mix.....great percussion and very groovy” Alex Downey (Split/Balance)

“Simply Timeless Stuff! Full Support From Me!!” Roberto Bosco (Wave)

“5/5 i fucking love these. rare to receive a release where every mix is a winner.” Paul Hamill (Psycatron/Planet E)

“Such a killer package that it's hard to choose a favorite” Colin Dale (Wildlife)

“Dope Ep!!!” Patrice Scott (Sistrum)

“hard to pick a fav here as they are all very strong. probably the best ART release so far!” Samuel L. Sessions (Soma)

“for sure, u know it, i love it. merci.” Agoria

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

ART10 - Miles Sagnia: Transmission EP COMING SOON


Lo-Fi teasers here:

Prod. by C. Barker & S. Murray
2010 ART Records
Copyright Control.
All rights reserved.
Release Date: Jan 2011
Vinyl and Digital formats.
Distributed by Rubadub.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Third Man: Tangier (ART-DDS4) VINYL OUT NOW!!

“Awesome” Kenny Larkin (Planet E)

“Killer, soaring, majestic” Monty Luke (Planet E)

“Seriously hot shit” Vince Watson (Bio, Tresor, Delsin)

“Absolutely stunning” Laurent Garnier

“Definitely a BIG release. I love BOTH tracks!” James Ruskin (Blueprint)

“I want this motherfucker!” Renaat (R&S)

“Absolutely beautiful…” Luke Slater (Mote-Evolver)

Vinyl format OUT NOW. Advanced Digital format released Nov 15th Exclusive to BEATPORT.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


ART-DDS4 - The Third Man: Tangier/Paucity (Vince Watson RMX) by kirkdegiorgio

ART-DDS3 now available in digital formats:

Read full review of Exodus Earth - KIRK DEGIORGIO on ©


Originally released in 2001 on the now defunct EMI subsidiary label NEW RELIGION - this much in-demand has been remastered and repressed on ART for vinyl and digital formats. Features the original and Carl Craig remix (as featured on the recent DJ Hell mix CD for Get Physical). OUT NOW!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

THE THIRD MAN: Messier 66 - Boomkat Review:

LWE's Kuri Kondrak Charts "Messier 66":

Little White Earbud contributor Kuri Kondrak makes THE THIRD MAN: Messier 66 (ART-DDS2) No.1 for April 2010.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Third Man: Messier 66 OUT NOW:

OUT NOW: The Third Man: Messier 66 (ART-DDS2) - available from all good specialist vinyl retailers. Digital formats forthcoming.