Monday, 3 October 2011

OUT TODAY: ART11.1 Claude Young/Takasi Nakajima "RAPTURE" EP1

Out today - October 3rd, 2011. The long-awaited debut release for ART by Different World duo - Detroit legend Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima.

ART11.1 features the original + remix from Tokyo based EDM pioneer Ian O'Brien.

ART11.2 will be forthcoming October 24th ft. remixes by Kirk Degiorgio & TJ Kong.


“wow...stunning… great mixes here” Vince Watson (Bio, Tresor)

“5/5 one of the Best Techno release's in 2011!!!!!!” DJ S2 (UR)

“Nice atmospheres! Ian O brien is the one here for me!” Nuno Dos Santos (Trouw)

“Another great & Diverse release from A.R.T. And glad that Claude is still on form!” Josh Wink (Ovum)

“5/5 One of the best labels.....great to hear Ian O' Brien in top form” King Britt (SNS)

“5/5 SERIOUS SHIT. THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! fantastic grooves, working the spirtit as well as well as the body” Shawn Rudiman

“5/5 Slammin' release! Diggin’ all the mixes!” Esteban Adame (Ican Prod.)

“5/5 Amazing as usual, those shuffly synth are killing me!! Excellent work!” Max MRec(MRec, Italy)

“5/5 I NEED MORE RECORDS LIKE THIS ---Proper funky techno !!!! Yesssssssss , ohhhh yessssssss” Laurent Garnier

“All over the ian o'brien mix.....great percussion and very groovy” Alex Downey (Split/Balance)

“Simply Timeless Stuff! Full Support From Me!!” Roberto Bosco (Wave)

“5/5 i fucking love these. rare to receive a release where every mix is a winner.” Paul Hamill (Psycatron/Planet E)

“Such a killer package that it's hard to choose a favorite” Colin Dale (Wildlife)

“Dope Ep!!!” Patrice Scott (Sistrum)

“hard to pick a fav here as they are all very strong. probably the best ART release so far!” Samuel L. Sessions (Soma)

“for sure, u know it, i love it. merci.” Agoria

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  1. Very funky and dirty all at once I DIG IT BIG TIME !!!!